Public Housing FAQ’s

1. Do you have to have income to qualify?
No, but a local preference is given to families whose head of household, spouse or sole member currently lives in the HA's jurisdiction area (Aiken County) and is employed or has been hired to work.

2. Do you have to have children to qualify? (ACOP pg. 80)
No, a family includes but is not limited to:
A. A family with or without children
B. An elderly family
C. A near-elderly family
D. A disabled family
E. A displaced family
F. The remaining member of a tenant family
G. A single person who is not an elderly or displaced person, a person with disabilities or the remaining member of a tenant family.

3. Does Public Housing count Food Stamps as income?
Yes, however, it is considered exempt when determining rent amounts. It has to be reported and verified by a third party.

4. Can AHA help me with my utility bill or delinquent rent to another landlord?
No, however, we will refer you to other agencies that offer assistance in those areas.

5. How long is the wait once I apply for Public Housing?
Currently, the wait is approximately twelve months or longer.

6. What expenses are deducted from my income? (ACOP pg.39)
To the sum of the following, to the extent the sum exceeds three percent of annual income:
A. Un-reimbursed medical expenses of any elderly family or disabled family
B. Un-reimbursed reasonable attendant care and auxiliary apparatus expenses for each member of the family who is a person with disabilities, to the extent necessary to enable any member of the family (including the member who is a person with disabilities) to be employed, but this allowance may not exceed the earned income received by family members who are 18 years of age or older who are able to work because of such attendant care or auxiliary apparatus.
C. Reasonable childcare expenses necessary to enable a member of the family to be employed or to further his or her education. This deduction shall not exceed the amount of employment income that is included in annual income.

7. Are you taking applications?
Yes, the waiting list is currently open for the 1 and 4 bedroom sizes only.

Coronavirus COVID-19

image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)The Housing Authority of the City of Aiken is closely monitoring developments concerning the Cororanvirus (COVID-19) in our state and considers the health, safety and well-being of our families, staff and others in the community to be our highest priority. We join forces with Governor McMaster, health officials, and others in our state in proactively addressing this public health risk to our citizens.

We are implementing the recommended Center for Disease and Control (CDC) precautionary measures to promote social distancing and limiting our staff travel. We are confident that these actions will allow us to continue essential business functions in a manner that safeguards the health interest of everyone concerned. We also have contingencies in place for staff to work remotely in the event of an office closure.

COVID-19 has been declared a public health emergency on both the state and national level. The Housing Authority of the City of Aiken understands the tremendous health risk that COVID-19 poses to our community. Please be assured that we are taking “all necessary and appropriate actions” to help our state address this public health threat. We will contiue to monitor this rapidly changing situation and provide you with additonal updates as needed.