How do I get a Voucher?
Aiken Housing Authority HCV Section 8 program is currently not accepting new applications for Section 8 Assistance. We have a limited number of vouchers and cannot accommodate any more clients at this time.

The Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 program offers the following assistance.

Tenant-Based Assistance involves vouchers that are used to subsidize rent in privately owned rental units.

The Aiken Housing Authority administers a total of 875 vouchers.

At this time, the Aiken Housing Authority's Waiting List for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance program is NOT accepting new applications.
When the list is opened, notices are placed in local newspapers, media, social groups and the information is given to community service agencies. To accommodate the large number of applications received when the waiting list is opened.

To place an application, you do not need to bring any documents. However, when your name comes to the top of the waiting list, you will need at a minimum: Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards and Proof of Income for each family member.

But I know somebody who just got a Voucher - why did they get one?
Vouchers do become available when a client chooses to leave the program, or is terminated for not following the rules and regulations. These vouchers are then issued to the person who is next on the waiting list.

If I get a voucher, can I live anywhere I want?
The AHA jurisdiction consists of Aiken County only, and there are restrictions on where you live with a voucher. Example- the landlord must agree to be part of the program, the lease must be approved, and the unit must be inspected to insure that it meets Housing Quality Standards set by HUD.

Once I received a voucher can I move (portability) to another jurisdiction?
The Aiken Housing Authority maintains a policy that the voucher holder must reside in a unit at a minimum of one year in order to move within or outside of the Aiken Housing Authority jurisdiction. After the voucher holder has maintained residence within the jurisdiction, he/she may move to any location that has a housing authority. Please contact your case manager for other requirements and restrictions on moving with continued assistance.

Coronavirus COVID-19

image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)The Housing Authority of the City of Aiken is closely monitoring developments concerning the Cororanvirus (COVID-19) in our state and considers the health, safety and well-being of our families, staff and others in the community to be our highest priority. We join forces with Governor McMaster, health officials, and others in our state in proactively addressing this public health risk to our citizens.

We are implementing the recommended Center for Disease and Control (CDC) precautionary measures to promote social distancing and limiting our staff travel. We are confident that these actions will allow us to continue essential business functions in a manner that safeguards the health interest of everyone concerned. We also have contingencies in place for staff to work remotely in the event of an office closure.

COVID-19 has been declared a public health emergency on both the state and national level. The Housing Authority of the City of Aiken understands the tremendous health risk that COVID-19 poses to our community. Please be assured that we are taking “all necessary and appropriate actions” to help our state address this public health threat. We will contiue to monitor this rapidly changing situation and provide you with additonal updates as needed.