Transfer Policy and Transfer Categories

Transfer Policy

Transfers are determined by the following criteria:
• To address emergency situations;
• To fully utilize available housing resources while avoiding overcrowding by ensuring that each family occupies an appropriately sized unit;
• To facilitate relocation when required for modernization or other management purposes;
• To facilitate the relocation of families with inadequate housing accommodations;
• To provide an incentive for families to assist in meeting the Aiken Housing Authority’s deconcentration goals; and
• To eliminate vacancy loss and other expenses due to unnecessary transfers.

Transfer Categories

Emergency transfers (Category A):
Necessary when conditions pose an immediate threat to the life, health, or safety of a family or one of its members. Such situations may involve defects of the unit or the building in which it is located, the health condition of a family member, a hate crime, the safety of witnesses to a crime, or a law enforcement matter particular to the neighborhood.

Immediate administrative transfers (Category B):
Necessary in order to permit a family needing accessible features to move to a unit with such a feature or to enable modernization work to proceed.

Regular administrative transfers (Category C):
These transfers are made to offer incentives to families willing to help meet certain Aiken Housing Authority occupancy goals, to correct occupancy standards where the unit size is inappropriate for the size and composition of the family, to allow for non-emergency but medically advisable transfers, and other transfers approved by the Aiken Housing Authority when a transfer is the only or best way of solving a serious problem.
When the transfer is at the request of the family, they may be required to provide third-party verification of the need for the transfer.
Transfer requests will be encouraged and approved for families who live in a development where their income category (below or above 30% of the area median) predominates and wish to move to a development where their income category does not predominate.
Transfers on the waiting list will be sorted by the above categories and within each category by date and time.

Transfers in Category A and B will be housed ahead of any other families, including those on the applicant waiting list. Transfers in Category A will be housed ahead of transfers in Category B.

Transfers in Category C will be housed along with applicants for admission.
Upon offer and acceptance of the unit, the family executes all lease-up documents and pays any rent and/or security deposit within two (2) days of being informed the unit is ready to rent. The family will be allowed two (2) days to complete a transfer.