Application Process

Applications are accepted on the 3rd Tuesday of this month from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Applications will be mailed to the disabled and elderly.
The completed application will be dated and time stamped when returned to the Aiken Housing Authority. Applications are taken to compile a waiting list. Due to the demand for housing in Aiken Housing Authority’s jurisdiction, the Aiken Housing Authority may take applications on an open enrollment basis depending on the length of the waiting list.
Completed applications will be accepted for all applications and Aiken Housing Authority will verify the information.
Persons with disabilities who require a reasonable accommodation in completing an application may call the Aiken Housing Authority to make special arrangements.

The application process involves two phases:

First phase: the initial application for housing assistance or the preapplication. The preapplication requires the family to provide limited basic information establishing any preferences to which they may be entitled. This phase determines the family’s placement on the waiting list.
Upon receipt of the preapplication, the Aiken Housing Authority will make a preliminary determination of eligibility. The Aiken Housing Authority will notify the family in writing of the date and time of placement on the waiting list, and the approximate wait before housing may be offered. If the Aiken Housing Authority determines the family to be ineligible, the notice will state the reasons of ineligibility and will offer the family the opportunity of an informal review of the determination.
The applicant may update their application at any time to report changes in their applicant status. The Aiken Housing Authority will note the applicant’s file and update their place on the waiting list. Confirmation of the changes will be confirmed with the family in writing.

Second phase: the final determination of eligibility or the full application. The full application takes place when the family nears the top of the waiting list. The Aiken Housing Authority will ensure that verification of all preferences, eligibility, suitability and selection factors are current in order to determine the family’s final eligibility for admission in the Public Housing Program.